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kuickpay - payment solution app


about the project and client

kuickpay provide solutions to address the challenges faced by organizations in the area of payment collection. We are tirelessly working with industry experts in the financial sector including banks, fintech, and others to improve payment collection mechanisms that benefit both corporates and consumers.

The kuickpay is an online bill payment solution provider looking for a mobile app that specifically design for all internet banking / ATM and bank account holder users who can want to track their bills and can pay their bills via online banking adc channels.


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develop mobile apps launch and market the app

Brainiac  Studio design and develop their mobile app with easy to use navigation while keeping the design with kuickpay elevated branding. using flat design, the app is connected with its web platform.  the app the users to track bills of different merchant and can pay from their internet, mobile banking and atm. The app can will also sent push notification to the user for reminding about their bills

apart of mobile app development , we have also take care their marketing and front end development of landing page and web application.

User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), mobile app, web app development, landing page, digital marketing

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